Anatomy of a Blog

They say that there is only one smartest dog in the world, and every boy has him. I say that there is only one cutest dog in the world, and I have her! ..and I am completely impartial. Maybe you have the smartest, most athletic, funniest or second cutest dog in the world and are thinking about starting a blog. In case you are experiencing pre-blog paralysis like I did, here is a little pep talk from 5 FAQS: How to Start a Pet Blog – “If you feel inspired to start a blog, then all you need to do is START! Open that account today and publish your first post. I think the how do I start paralysis maybe comes from fear of the unknown, not knowing all the technical details or being afraid of putting yourself out there”.  Check, check and check – I felt all of those things and sometimes still do. Wanting to write good quality posts for my readers, I got busy trying to learn as much as I could. Having now spent many hours in front of the computer and eaten two cheesecakes out of frustration (…ok, it might have been three), I want to make things a little easier for you.  Here are some tips on the anatomy of a blog that I found helpful – and hopefully you will too.


Headlines – Headlines need to grab the reader’s attention and not let go.  If your headline isn’t tempting, no one will get to the rest of the brilliant things you have to say. Try to intrigue your readers, but not mislead them. “Pinky Wins Best in Show at Westminster” might not be our ideal choice.

Paragraph 1 – In the first paragraph, you want to let the readers know that you recognize their concerns or problem and you, in all your wisdom, are going to help solve them. It lets them know relevant information is just a paragraph away.


Images – Who doesn’t love to look at pictures? Images help break up text, bring humor or heart to the reader and make complex topics easier to understand. I have approximately 675,000 photos of Pinky that need to be seen!

You – You are unique and so are your experiences. Share them with us! Readers connect to personal stories. We want to read posts that we enjoy, entertain us, remember and want to share. It’s your personality and wisdom that make this happen!

Content – The body of the post is where you are going to dazzle the reader with the information they have been anxiously awaiting. Here you will share your brilliant insights, tell your stories and build credibility.  

Call to action – Start a conversation; engage your readers to act on what you have written.

For those of you who want more in-depth advice, below are some great examples of blogs about blogs!

How to Write a Blog Post with Perfection: The Only Step-By-Step Guide You Need

The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post According to Science

As soon as you start your blog, send us the link and Pinky and I will be cheering you on as we click that follow button!



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