A Little Socializing

Hello friends, I know it has been a while since I have posted, so I thought I would bring you up to speed on what Pinky and I have been doing. Because of her past life, Pinky has some separation anxiety and sticks incredibly close to me (the word glue has been used several times). My shadow resembles a three pound Chihuahua and some believe her feet rarely touch the ground. She has never enthusiastically embraced any of my friends, family or neighbors. She is interested, especially in other dogs, but she prefers to give most people the side eye from my lap or arms. She doesn’t mind at all when I go to work (she is not a morning person) but she has terrible separation anxiety if I am gone overnight. Every once in a while it is unavoidable that I have to go somewhere that she can’t join me. For those occasions, we have tried boarding at the vet, the fabulous luxury doggy hotel and a friend staying at the apartment with her, but no matter what, she refuses to eat. She has gone from Thursday night to Monday morning without eating a morsel of food. Even when offered every delicious human food available, she turns away. It worries me no end because she is so little, without much in the way of reserves. This fall, I have to make one last trip where she cannot accompany me, so we have been working to expand her comfort zone with a little socializing. If she felt more comfortable around people, she might feel more relaxed with a pet sitter in her own apartment. Being in New York, there is always something going on, so Pinky and I have been out on the town attending pet friendly events. Here are some that we have really enjoyed:




Adoptapalooza was an event sponsored by the Mayor’s Alliance for New York City’s Animals. Hundreds of dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and rabbits, were available for adoption from more than 30 Alliance participating organizations. All adoptable animals had been vaccinated and spayed or neutered with adoption fees covered by Animal Planet. Celebrating its 150th anniversary the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals teamed up with the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals to organize New York’s first-ever NYC Paws Parade to encourage people to adopt a pet. The parade started at Madison Square Park, led by pet-loving Broadway superstar Bernadette Peters and Instagram star Marnie the Dog. It included marchers from the ASPCA, NYPD Mounted and Canine Units, FDNY mascots Hot Dog and Siren and miniature therapy horses.

Pinky and I toured all of the booths from the different organizations and met so many people devoted to helping animals just like her. It was a crowded event, so Pinky enjoyed being carried or watching the festivities from her favorite handbag sized carrier. Not wanting to overwhelm her, we stayed about an hour and a half. She didn’t seem to be experiencing a great deal of stress and she tolerated a few people giving her a little pet on the head. We marked it as a success – for us and the fabulous animals that got adopted.

Someone’s getting adopted at Adoptapalooza!

Senior Splash

chloe and pinky 3 photo collage
Cheering for Susie’s Senior Dogs with Chloe Kardoggian


This was an event held at Dog and Co. and hosted by Susie’s Senior Dogs. Susie’s Senior Dogs is 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to bring awareness to and increase senior dog adoptions. As you know, this is a subject that is near and dear to my heart, so Pinky and I wanted to attend and cheer them on. As a senior, who was adopted and then rocketed to stardom, Chloe Kardoggian, made a personal appearance to promote the organization. It was a much smaller event than Adoptapalooza and both Pinky and I had a wonderful time. She got to visit with Chloe, who she adored. I think it must have been so nice for her to meet someone her own size. The shop owners and all of the people from Susie’s were wonderful. Pinky even let a nice volunteer hold her for a bit without kicking her feet and trying to get back to me. This was unusual for her. Slowly but surely, we are making strides. We had one more fun and successful outing to add to our list of adventures.

Susies seniors
Making friends with Susie’s Senior Dogs


Barkfest Entrance

Touted as the world’s biggest festival for dog’s and their groupies, Barkfest brings the World’s Fair experience to dogs and their people. Not wanting to pass this up, we purchased our tickets and got ready to explore the interactive games, tech demos, live music and snacks. Although I had never been to Hudson River Park’s Pier 97, we had no trouble finding the place. Everywhere you looked there were dogs of all shapes and sizes. Once inside, there were different tents and areas designated for the different activities. On The Main Stage, there was live music and a supermodel worthy dogwalk for you and your pup to strut down. In the Arts and Laughs area, there were craft projects to do with your dog along with professional artists doing caricatures of the four legged guests to take home. Innovation Alley was filled with new products and pet gadgets, including an internet connected HD video camera and treat dispenser which, upon a bit of app tapping, will launch a fresh treat across the room for your pet’s delight while you watch on your phone or tablet. There were photo booths and appearances by Tuna and Crusoe the dachshund. There were adoptable dogs available along with rescue group and veterinarian information. Last but not least, there was even a place to play golf (using tennis balls) with your dog on a custom-built Pup Putt course, as well as a jumbo-sized ball pit and an agility course. We passed on the athletic tent and went straight to the food tent, which was much more Pinky’s speed. Throughout the event, she seemed to adore meeting the other dogs and would wag her tail madly when she got to say hi to a little one. She seemed to be fairly at ease, although she did retreat into her travel bag for a little nap half way through. I never felt that she was afraid or feeling a high level of stress. In fact, I think having her carrier handy allowed her to feel secure and take in all of the action at the same time. It was such fun; we will definitely be going back next year!

Throughout the summer, we plan to keep socializing by attending doggy themed events and building Pinky’s comfort level with people other than me. Hopefully, we might even happen to meet some of you during our outings. We will keep you posted on our adventures and take plenty of pictures!

Heading home after a fun outing

6 thoughts on “A Little Socializing”

  1. Oh, how I’ve missed you Pinky! Sounds like you two are going on a lot of fun adventures. Poor Pinky that she gets such horrible separation anxiety. Perhaps that volunteer who she let hold her could dog sit! I hope her anxiety lessens before your trip. Can’t wait to hear about your next outings!

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  2. I am hoping that a steady stream of outings and some play time with the neighbors will help build Pinky’s confidence. I also thought I would try having friends offer her special treats so that she becomes comfortable taking food from someone other than me. We are working to slowly and steadily beat this problem and are having fun at the same time!


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